When you were younger, you probably made engine noises as you played with your toy cars. Heck, some of us still do. Well, Nissan has taken that notion and applied it to a live-action racing game. Dubbed the Voice Driver Cup, the game uses voice commands to control a toy car around a racetrack.

The idea apparently took over a year to bring to fruition. According to the YouTube description, "No complicated driving operations are needed as the volume of voice voice is translated directly into the car's propulsion." It appears from the videos that a great amount of work on the back end went in to making a racing game that was this easy to play, and the result is that all ages can take part in the fun.

A competition was held on November 17 in the gallery at Nissan HQ, and a winner was crowned. Following that event, Nissan set up a system by which competitors could vocalize their way to victory from the web, using microphones and mini-cams on each car. You may have missed the change to take part in the Voice Driver Cup Grand Prix, but you can still watch the videos of competitors trying not to look foolish as they car noises into something that looks like a phonograph speaker.

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