One of the vehicles that will expand the Land Rover lineup over the next seven years is a seven-seat Range Rover Sport. The LR4/Discovery is currently the only Land Rover to offer a seven-seat package, even though it's not exactly roomy in the third tier. The present Range Rover Sport sits on the same platform as the LR4, but being two inches shorter overall and having a wheelbase 5.6 inches shorter, it provides only just enough room for second-row passengers.

Based on a report in Auto Express, that will change upon the introduction of the 2014 Range Rover Sport that uses the same platform as the recently introduced 2014 Range Rover. The new big brother is eight inches longer overall and has a wheelbase seven inches longer than the current Range Rover Sport. That will provide the coming Sport, obviously longer than it is now yet certain to be shorter in length and wheelbase than the Range Rover, a fair dose of room to play with to accommodate another two occupants.

Even so, it won't be the Taj Mahal back there. Reports have declared the coming SUV to be lower than it is now and have a more pronounced slope to the backlight, the Auto Express article adding that it will have a sloping roof reminiscent of the Evoque. In spite of the increased dimensions and people-hauling capacity, a focus on sporting performance, along with the aluminum platform and an aluminum body, should help keep things properly motivating.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Information

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

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