Watch this trailer for Snake & Mongoose

If you think drag racing is boring, we encourage you to take a closer look at the sport's early days. When Don "The Snake" Prudhomme and Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen were first lining up to shoot down the quarter mile against each other in the '60s, the National Hot Rod Association was still less than 15 years old. Back then, the cars were more dangerous and a driver was lucky to have a local parts store for a sponsor. But Prudhomme and McEwen changed all that with their public rivalry and lightning-quick marketing sense. It was these two who first talked Mattel into sponsoring their cars with the Hot Wheels toy line, unleashing a torrent of marketing dollars on the entire motorsports world.

Decades later, a new independent film is out to tell that story. Snake & Mongoose follows Prudhomme and McEwen throughout their arc of their relationship, and the first trailer for the flick has officially landed online. You can check it out below and be sure to head over to the movie site for more information. Word has it we can expect to see the film hit theaters early next year.

Snake&Mongoose first trailer from Wayne Holloway on Vimeo.

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