Caterham may be looking to expand its product scope beyond its current offerings. After the company announced an alliance with Renault yesterday, Caterham Chairman Tony Fernandes was quoted as saying the partnership is "the start of a line of products from Caterham." Fernandes went on to say the purist sports car manufacturer could move to begin producing crossovers and city cars in the same way that Porsche has evolved its position in the market. Don't start crying at the thought of a five-door Caterham just yet, though. The would-be product explosion may also include the addition of a new supercar.

CEO Graham Macdonald has said he envisions the brand as being capped with a halo project, complete with a carbon fiber chassis and KERS system on board. Of course, none of this translates directly into a new model on the road. As of right now, Renault and Caterham have only agreed to produce one vehicle under their budding partnership.

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