Is there a more hotly anticipated 2013 Detroit Auto Show debut than the next Corvette? We don't think so, and while we're woefully short on details – powertrain, price, performance – we can at least bask in the glow of a nicely filmed teaser video. The first of many, we imagine.

Let's take a minute to dissect what's going on here. We see artists scraping away at a clay model, followed by a few detail shots of a heavily camouflaged prototype, test drivers strapping into five-point seatbelts and some high-speed racetrack footage. Oh yeah, don't forget the pounding soundtrack. So far so expected...

Digging a little deeper, though, we spot some interesting vents that look like shark gills, some eggcrate mesh (front fascia bits, perhaps?), a brief glance at the new C7 badge and a bunch of quick and blurry shots of what may be flush headlights, quad exhaust tips and a quarter panel.

Interested? Check out the teaser video below, along with the latest spy photos, and wait patiently for next January to roll around.

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