Not having the luxury of speaking proper Spanish, we should be at a loss when it comes to the video embedded down below. Fortunately, any language barrier that would otherwise be blocking our understanding is torn down by a language we all speak fluently: a love of cars.

In this case, the car in question is a bright red Ferrari F430 Spider, which is following what appears to be a Renault Twingo somewhere in the Canary Islands. Though the screaming sounds like it's coming from a girl, some internet sleuthing tells us it's actually a young boy who's screaming like, well, a girl.

In any case, we all get a little too excited every now and then, so we're inclined to cut the kid some slack... though we'd hate to think what might happen the first time he lays eyes on a Prancing Horse that's a bit more exotic, say, an Enzo or something. We can already feel our ears bleeding.

Scroll down below to see for yourself.

Ferrari F430 Information

Ferrari F430

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