There are undoubtedly many male NASCAR fans who have become smitten with Danica Patrick, but Kyle Petty might be one of the oldest. Petty, 52, serenaded Patrick, 30, on Speed Channel's NASCAR Trackside show before her appearance as a guest.

In the video, Petty is seen sitting on a bed wearing attire with other Patrick memorabilia in the room including a cardboard cutout of her face, and in stripped-down his country ditty, he sings "Danica, you're the girl that drives my dreams." Being a good sport to Petty's creepy antics, Patrick showed up on the show with a 1995 picture of a long, wavy-locked Petty (which he referred to as his "Yanni years") that she asked him to sign.

This video stands in stark contrast to Petty's December, 2009 video about Patrick where he sarcastically congratulates her and says she will be taking a seat away from someone who "potentially coulda been a great race car driver." We've posted that video, as well as Petty's ballad, for you below.

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