This limo ride will sure be a quiet one. And probably a short one, too.

As we reported last month, Imperial Coach Builders of Springfield, MO has built what it calls the first 100-percent, all-electric limo out of a customized Nissan Leaf. The local TV news has a quick report on it, but now Imperial has posted a video (watch it below) that gives the curious an idea of what it's like to ride inside of it.

The three-minute video has no narration and is pretty much sound-free, which is appropriate given the stretch limo's near-silent powertrain. The company looks to appeal to the green set by saying the stretched EV is a way to cut pollution while being driven around in style. The limo is fairly typical on the inside, with a 2+2 facing sets set-up and a bunch of wood trim that may or may not be real.

Still no word on how far this heavier-than-usual Leaf can go on a single charge, but we're guessing that the 74 miles a conventional Leaf can go on a single charge will require a few juice-ups in the elongated version.

Nissan LEAF Information

Nissan LEAF

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