If you don't want to be hounded by men and women lugging cameras, perhaps it's best not to drive around in an extremely conspicuous-in-chrome Fisker Karma sporting a strip of purple LED lights under the grille. It's kinda hard to miss...

That observation aside, Justin Bieber was recently pulled over by police in California for driving at speeds reportedly exceeding 100 miles per hour – that's 25 mph below the Karma's top speed, in case you were wondering – down the 101 Freeway. The teen singer was cited for reckless driving.

According to the LA Times, Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine witnessed the Biebermobile being chased by paparazzi and called 911. Though Zine doesn't deny that Bieber was being chased, he says it's "no excuse" for reckless driving, saying it reminded him of the "Princess Diana situation" in 1997, when Diana, Princess of Wales, was tragically killed in a traffic accident while the driver was fleeing from pursuing paparazzi.

TMZ reports that Bieber has filed an official complaint against the photographer that was chasing him, giving the license plate number of the car to the officers. Apparently, the offending member of the paparazzi was seen snapping photos of Bieber shortly thereafter while the police were taking a statement from the singer. Sounds pretty brazen, no?

Again we ask: Why drive the chrome Karma if you want to be left alone? It wasn't quite so flashy when he got it.

Perhaps a more mundane Prius would be a better eco-minded choice... and the 911 operator may even know what thatis, unlike the Fisker. Scroll down for a couple videos detailing the incident along with audio of Bieber's 911 call.

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