It has no roof, no windshield and no doors. It doesn't matter. The Ariel Atom is the absolute perfect way to experience the simple pleasure of a day at the race track on four wheels.

Though it's available with as many as 500 horsepower, even the 300-hp model is able to accelerate from a dead stop to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds. That's impressive, to say the least, and the best news is that the rest of the car's statistics are just as amazing, thanks to a fully adjustable suspension system, sticky rubber at all four corners and powerful brakes.

In other words, the Atom 300 has everything you need to go fast at a race track and nothing you don't... and it's even possible to get it registered for the street. Watch the video below to find out what makes Car and Driver suggest that the Atom "may be one of the least practical cars ever, but also one of the most exciting."

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