A 41-minute video about why the Fisker Karma infotainment system gets an F

The Fisker Karma might look good from the outside, but the view from the driver's seat is anything but infotaining.

That's the detailed, expert opinion of Brian Greenstone, an Austin, TX-based programmer who owns both a Karma and an Aston Vantage, according to The Truth About Cars. Greenstone also has enough time and passion for his cars that he recorded a 41-minute video about just why the Karma's infotainment and climate control panel, the Command Center, is so tremendously bad (he also made a 27-minute video reviewing the car as a whole. Both are available below). Greenstone gives the system an F. That's up from an F- before a recent software update. These are grades only an owner can give, someone who's spent time getting to know the car. He says:
  • Automatic climate control? It "basically doesn't work."
  • Bluetooth? The screen "gives you no information."
  • Changing audio inputs using the steering wheel controls? "I have no idea what audio mode I'm in."
  • System settings? "I've got to take a breath before I start talking about this. This is awful. This makes you wonder what two-year-old designed it."
In short, Greenstone doesn't like the Command Center. Fisker, since these are mostly software issues, the ball is in your court to improve things. Do a good job and Greenstone might just bump you up to a D-.

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