A man gets behind the wheel of his Toyota Prius, drives to a local Taco Bell and orders lunch it the drive-thru lane.

What's so unusual about that scenario?

Steve Mahan, a California resident, is legally blind. But he navigated the trip without a hitch behind the wheel of Google's self-driving car, which has completed more than 200,000 miles of computer-led driving on American roads.

Google engineers, who posted the above video of the trip on YouTube, said the moment with Mahan was one of their "favorite moments" of the car's creation and testing.

The video and trip was produced in partnership with the Morgan Hill Police Department and Santa Clara Valley Blind Center in San Jose, Calif., according to Google.

"We organized this as a technical experiment, but we think it's also a promising look at what autonomous technology may one day deliver," Google said in a statement posted to the video.

In recent months, California and Nevada have passed legislation that paves the way for autonomous car use on American roads.

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