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Infiniti releases more details on 'aggressive' all-electric concept coming to New York

Infiniti has been tight-lipped about the all-electric sedan it will unveil at the New York Auto Show this year, but The Detroit Bureau learned some new tidbits recently, including that Infiniti is designing the car to "be a luxury vehicle first and an electric vehicle second," as marketing manager Sam Chung told the Bureau.

The still-unnamed, five-seat EV shares some powertrain and platform parts with the Nissan Leaf, as we heard before, but will be "more aggressive." The Bureau says that means it will blend style points from Intiniti's G-Series, the JX CUV and possibly also the Emerg-E plug-in hybrid concept we saw in Geneva. Sharing platform parts with the Leaf means that the improved heater – and increased range in cold weather – will make the jump to the luxury model. Fittingly, Infiniti product planning manager Sean McNamara told The Detroit Bureau that the Infiniti EV's li-ion battery pack will be bigger than then Leaf's 24 kWh. The extra energy is intended to improve performance, not range.

From what we've heard before, despite being a concept, the new Infiniti EV is due in production form at some point in 2014 ( no longer 2013). We will know better if this EV reaches Infiniti's promise of "inspired performance" soon from New York. Stay tuned.

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