Back in January we heard rumors that Lamborghini would bring two new vehicles to the Geneva Motor Show. Once the Lamborghini MLC SUV was ruled out, that left the Aventador Roadster and a surprise for which guesses have ranged from the Gallardo replacement to the production Sesto Elemento to something else.

That something else appears to be the car shown above. Reportedly dubbed Avendador J, it's a minimalist speedster variant of Lamborghini's flagship supercar, and it got an early reveal this weekend at Czech website AutoForum. The car loses its roof entirely, has a tiny windscreen, and reportedly dumps all unnecessary amenities like air conditioning and an audio system. Any additional weight-saving measures Lamborghini has put into effect will be revealed tomorrow, when the car debuts at the Volkswagen Group's preview gala.

There's much speculation online as to whether the Aventador J will be produced an any number. In truth, it doesn't even matter. If Lamborghini builds any, it will sell all of them, immediately, at whatever price it asks.

Now, Lamborghini also released a video teasing the car's Geneva unveiling, which ends with the hashtag #Unica on the screen. That translates to "only" in English, which could suggest that the Aventor J is, in fact, a one-off.

Follow the jump to watch the teaser, and stay tuned here as all the Geneva festivities ramp up starting Monday evening. We'll be on hand to bring you news and photos of the new Lambos as they're revealed.

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