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BRD RedShift SM hoons San Francisco, MX reveal coming

Since revealing the RedShift SM electric supermoto last August, the BRD boys have been keeping busy going about the business of commercializing a great idea. Building and presenting a ground-breaking prototype is one thing. Working out all the bugs and putting in neat rows the ducks necessary to build and sell a fully developed product is quite another. Still, much progress has been made and the company is about to unveil its 2013 RedShift MX – an off-road configuration of the RedShift platform – at the 2012 Powersports Dealer Expo in Indianapolis this Friday.

The MX prototype shares much of its components with the street-oriented machine. BRD says it got the same 40 electric AC ponies (it recently measured 42 horsepower at the back wheel), the identical monocoque aluminum chassis and the likewise duplicate 5.2-kWh battery that's said to be go for 50 miles of aggressive driving. What's new are larger, but skinnier, knobby tires, off road-appropriate brakes, and suspension tweaks. In race trim, it's a svelte 250 pounds of rooster-tailing madness and we can't wait to see it tearing about in its natural element.

We won't die of boredom waiting around for that footage though. Despite the heavy work load, the BRD team found time to hook stunter Ryan Moore up with the SM prototype and turned him loose on the streets of San Francisco. The resulting video gives a few hints as to its tire-smoking, crest-jumping, and stoppie abilities. Hit the jump to see what we're talking about and scroll down for a bonus outtake, as well as a video showing the RedShift SM getting trialed by a couple motorcycle journalists along with their reactions.

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