RMI says clean cars are really "reinventing fire" [w/video]

The Rocky Mountain Institute has worked on transportation projects before – see the Hypercar and its evolved kin, the Bright IDEA van, or Project Get Ready – so two the new videos from RMI aren't a surprise. What they are, though, is a refinement of the Institute's longstanding solutions for more efficient vehicles: reduce weight, push governments to support what RMI calls "Revolutionary+ vehicles," encourage next-gen biofuels (i.e., non-corn-based ethanol), encouraging people to use cars more efficiently (car-sharing, congesting charges, etc.) and to "Focus on outcomes, not motives." You can watch both videos after the jump.

The videos are part of RMI's "Reinventing Fire" project, which aims to replace noisy combustion with "the whisper of emission-free electric propulsion." After all, RMI notes, the U.S. burns through 13 million barrels of oil each day, oil that contains "energy stored up by millions of years of photosynthesis." In other words, we're using it at a much faster clip than it was created, and that's a recipe for unsustainability. Aside from the environmental benefits, RMI says, "Instead of paying an increasingly high cost for oil in money, environmental damage and blood, we capture a $3.8 trillion net prize by 2050 by not using it."

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