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Rimac Automobili Concept One rolls off the turntable, onto the road

We really loved the look of the all-electric Rimac Automobili Concept One that debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show as it spun in circles upon its carpeted turntable, the lights making the paint glitter. Turns out, it looks even better rolling down the road on a foggy Croatian morning.

Now, we've no word on whether the Concept One has the full quad set of 250-kW motors installed that are intended for the production version. There's certainly no donut-making or zero-to-sixty second sprints to be seen here. Still, it's confidence-inspiring just to watch the car roll out of Rimac headquarters and make some placid passes for the camera, looking like a million bucks.

Hit the jump to check out some (nice and easy) Concept electric supercar action for yourself.

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