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BRD Redshift gets price tag, now available for pre-order

When BRD launched its RedShift electric motorcycle back in August, it didn't mention the price or when someone could actually order one. Apparently, the company wanted to first be sure that the bike could best its performance benchmark – a top-end 250cc four-stroke race machine.

Now, confidently satisfied that the bike has achieved that lofty goal, the somewhat sobering numbers are available. If you want to tear it up off road on the RedShift MX motocrosser, the price of admission is $14,995. If you have a preference for the supermoto RedShift SM road warrior, be prepared to shell out $15,995.

The company has also announced that it will produce a variant of both bikes for police departments that include a stronger tubular rear subframe, uprated low-voltage electrical system, and integrated hard luggage. That will up their respected price tags by $2,500.

To help customers take advantage of EV-friendly rebates in certain states, all versions of the Redshift will arrive fully street legal, though if you want to strip off some of the DOT-required equipment, they will offer race plastics to replace them. If you think the price is a little steep for your wallet, keep in mind that the good stuff always costs more and you have a year to save up. The first deliveries aren't scheduled until late 2012.

You can officially put in your order now on the BRD website. If you want proof the RedShift can outrun a KTM 250 XCF-W in an eigth-of-a-mile drag with a 30-lb rider disadvantage, check out this video on the BRD Facebook page. The press release awaits you after the break.

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BRD RedShift now available for pre-order‏

BRD Motorcycles of San Francisco, CA is very excited to announce that we will finally begin taking deposits on the 2013 RedShift electric motorcycle. Though we announced the bikes in August, we did not want to begin taking pre-orders until we were confident that the RedShift was going to meet or exceed our performance benchmark of top-end 250cc four-stroke race motorcycles. We have now completed sufficient testing to be sure that these bikes have the performance to support their looks and our claims.

As previously announced, the RedShift SM supermoto and the RedShift MX motocrosser have projected retail prices of $15,495 and $14,995, respectively. The PD package is available as an upgrade to either model with a planned retail price of +$ 2500. It is expected to include a stronger tubular rear subframe, uprated low-voltage electrical system, and integrated hard luggage. All RedShifts will ship as street legal units to ensure they are eligible for available state and federal eV incentives. Race plastics will be available as a low-cost aftermarket option to remove lighting and switchgear for off-road applications.

Pre-orders will be accepted via our website at beginning Thursday, November 3 at 12:00pm PDT. Fully refundable deposits are required and will be $100 for the first hundred pre-orders, $200 for subsequent pre-orders. Orders will be finalized and delivered through retail motorcycle dealers, so customers are asked to provide the name of their preferred local store with their deposit. Deliveries are expected in late 2012.

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