2013 Nissan Leafs will roll off TN assembly line in December 2012 [w/video]

You can learn a lot by reading the fine print.

Case in point: Even though Japan' March 11 quake disrupted construction of Nissan's Leaf production complex in Smyrna, TN, Nissan says there's no need to fret because the site's open-by-late-2012 timetable remains untouched.

What's late 2012? Is it October? November? Is it New Year's Eve? Evidently, "late" 2012 means December, according to the small text posted on the automaker's "Innovations II" commercial, which you can see after the jump. Looks like anyone waiting for those first made-in-the-U.S.-of-A.-Leafs has got another 14 months to hold steady.

Nissan LEAF Information

Nissan LEAF

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