BrammoParx brings branding to electric motocross rent-and-ride, will come Stateside

With the decision by Brammo to get into the dirtier (yet clean!) side of motorcycling with its Engage and Encite line up came the question of how to effectively expand existing electric motocross markets and build new ones. Rather than steal a page from Quantya, with its partnership to open company-branded riding parks, Brammo bought the whole book.

The tome in question is QuantyaParx. The rent-and-ride business has operations in five European countries and was created and operated by KOM Enterprise GmbH. With founder Hans Eder and his team now hitching their horse to the Brammo brand-wagon, the tracks will now be redubbed BrammoParx.

Since production of the Engage and Encite has yet to begin, the company is being a little vague about exactly when customers will be able to saddle up and try out the offroad, 6-speed Integrated Electric Transmission (IET) machines, with CEO Craig Bramscher stating only that they will deliver at the "earliest opportunity."

With plans to expand the business in more markets, including the U.S., we can only hope next Spring brings us opportunities for some good clean (yet dirty!) BrammoParx fun. Hit the jump for the official presser along with video featuring a prototype bike from SMRE, Brammo's IET technology partner, offering up a sweet motocross track demonstration.

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Brammo Drives European and Off-Road Growth with the Acquisition of KOM Enterprise GmbH's Quantyaparx™ System and the Formation of BrammoParx™

Ashland, Oregon, USA and Burgkirchen, Bavaria, Germany. Sept 20th, 2011 - Brammo, Inc. a global leader in the electric motorcycle business today announced the acquisition of Quantyaparx™ from the founder and worldwide licensor, KOM Enterprise GmbH.

Quantyaparx™ are hire and ride activity centers designed exclusively for electric dirt bikes. Already successfully established in Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, the centers offer an affordable and exciting off-road motorcycling experience free from air and noise pollution.

Hans Eder and his team are the driving force behind this innovative and flourishing enterprise and they will all be joining Brammo. The hire and ride centers will be renamed: BrammoParx.

Craig Bramscher, founder and CEO of Brammo said, "We are excited about this acquisition and we will be introducing our latest 6 speed off-road Brammo motorcycles - the Engage and the Encite - to BrammoParx locations at the earliest opportunity. We will also be making the BrammoParx franchise opportunity available in other countries, including the USA." Bramscher continued, "We know the demand for off-road parks is growing and KOM has both a unique business model and a highly successful track record in this market."

Hans Eder said, "With our existing centers we have proven that environmentally-friendly off-road fun is possible. With the correct instruction and supervision, even someone who doesn't own a motorcycle will be able to ride at BrammoParx - from children to adults." Hans continued, "Brammo ownership will give our existing and new BrammoParx operators access to the Brammo Engage and Encite, the most advanced off-road electric motorcycles in the world."

Bramscher added, "We are pleased to welcome KOM staff to Brammo. They bring unrivaled expertise in an area that we know has strong growth potential in the years ahead. We are very much looking forward to working together and growing the BrammoParx business".

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About KOM Enterprises

KOM Enterprise GmbH, located in Burgkirchen, Bavaria was formed in 2005 by Hans and Sylvia Eder. KOM Enterprise GmbH has licensed and developed off-road riding centers in Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The off-road riding centers are operated exclusively with electric-powered motocross dirt bike motorcycles. In recognition of their innovative concept, KOM Enterprise GmbH received the DMSB Environmental Award 2008 from the German Motorsports Association (DMSB). To learn more visit


Quantya S.A. Lugano and Quantya are organizations and trademarks formerly associated with Quantyaparx™. The acquisition of Quantyaparx™from KOM Enterprise GmbH by Brammo is a discrete transaction, separate and distinct from Quantya and the Quantya line of electric motorcycles. Brammo's denomination of future facilities under the brand, "BrammoParx," is, in part, intended to avoid any possible confusion.

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