Video: Sir Harold Evans Lauds The Ultimate Bond Car And Dreams Of Getting Tina Brown In The Back Seat

Gone In Sixty Seconds

Sir Harold Evans, octogenarian writer and editor of The Week, has had no shortage of excitement when it comes to cars: his motorist lineage can even be directly linked to 007.

But when it comes to his foxy wife, Daily Beast/Newsweek editor Tina Brown, he'd like to trick things out a bit more, as it were.

And with due cause. Evans, over his years as a journalist, has found his purchases more mundane and, in his own assessment, "very boring."

"I used to drive Jaguars and Mercedes," he said. "And I'm now driving a Ford, partly out of patriotism. It's called Taurus, which is a bull."

After raving about Alan Mullaly's handling of Ford during the bailout, he reveled in the memory of his time as editor of the Sunday Times in London.

"Don't forget," he said. "I employed the man who wrote the James Bond books, Ian Fleming. So the Aston Martin was the Sunday Times car."

Given the espionage bent he has associated with his automotive passion and literary career, we wondered whether he'd like to revive some of that secret agent fervor.

What would he ride off into the sunset in with his editrix wife?

"I had a car, when I was driving in America in the '50s, which was a Chevrolet," he began. "And this car, the backseat, I had it engineered so at the press of a button, it became a bed. That's the car."

The giddily maniacal laugh tells the rest of the tale.

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