Saab on the money hunt, still in discussions with Great Wall Motor?

Earlier this morning came word that Saab's deal with Chinese automaker Hawtai had fallen apart. While in discussions with Hawtai, parent company Spyker was evidently also talking with another automaker located in China – Great Wall Motors. According to Reuters, those talks have apparently never ended, and, in light of today's news, we're going to speculate that it's time to escalate the discussion or officially turn off the lights at Saab assembly plants.

Great Wall has cash and Saab has cars, technology and a dealer network. The two companies could be mutually beneficial, but there are hurdles to overcome before anything can actually happen. The Chinese government must approve a foreign joint venture before it moves forward. Still, it's a good sign that companies are still interested in working with Spyker, and that could keep Saab alive.

Spyker isn't simply pinning all of its hopes on Great Wall, as other Chinese companies are also on its radar. Besides a potential Chinese investor, however, Spyker and Saab are still hoping to see their European Investment Bank drawdown approved. Once either scenario plays out favorably, Saab can resume producing automobiles.

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