Aerial shots show hundreds (thousands?) of Nissan Leafs waiting for delivery

Aerial shot of Nissan Leafs at Port of Long Beach – Click above for high-res image gallery

The first major shipment of Nissan Leafs arrived in late March and now approximately 1,500 of the electric hatches sit ready for delivery at the Port of Long Beach in California. user "Aries" arranged for a Port of Long Beach fly by and captured several aerial shots of the Leafs while piloting his helicopter. The images were posted on MyNissanLeaf on Monday and provide visual proof (nope, these shots aren't photoshopped) that Nissan delivered a significant amount of Leafs.

Spotting the Aqua Globe blue Leafs in the sea of cars is rather simple, but let's see if your trained eye can count 'em all. A tip of the hat to Michael, EVNow and Aries!

[Source: My Nissan Leaf | Images: Aries]

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