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Plugin Cars recently spoke with Daimler's director of fuel cell and battery drive development, Dr. Christian Mohrdieck, to discuss the company's stance on the whole hydrogen fuel cell vs. battery powered argument and found out it's really more of a H2 + EV calculation. Daimler's current roster, which includes the Smart ED, the A-Class E-Cell and the S-Class plug in hybrid, shows it is quite invested in the battery side of the debate. However, Mohrdieck does acknowledge that electric vehicles have their setbacks. He said, "If you need a larger vehicle, if you need long range, if you need short refueling times, then you have to something else than batteries."

That's why Daimler is equally invested in development of fuel-cell powered vehicles. Mohrdieck cites MIT's projection that, in the long run, fuel-cell vehicles will be cheaper than EVs. As for the issues fuel-cell vehicles face (i.e., lack of refueling infrastructure and the energy requirements of creating and transporting hydrogen), Mohrdieck says that the same problem exists for EVs. New infrastructure is needed to support EV owners without garages to charge in and we still need large amounts of fossil fuels to create most of the electricity to run the vehicles. You can read the full interview here.

[Source: Plugin Cars]

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