Video: See Bentley's record-setting 205 mph run on ice

Bentley sets an ice-speed record – Click above to watch video after the jump

When we first heard that Juha Kankkunen and Bentley had managed to set a new ice-speed record off the coast of Finland, we immediately wanted to see footage of the action. The thought of watching a race-prepped Continental Supersports Convertible dash across just 20 centimeters of Baltic Sea ice is the kind of thing that haunts our daydreams. Fortunately, the automaker has been so kind as to slip the world a quick clip of the record-smashing run, complete with angles from the sky, the ice and the cockpit.

Kankkunen demolished his old ice-speed record of 199.83 mph set in 2007. At the time, the World Rally champion was shooting to cruise past the 200 mph barrier but just barely missed his mark. He had no such trouble this go-round. His drop-head clicked off a top speed of 205.48 mph.

Interestingly enough, aside from a set of winter tires, some safety kit and a couple of aero additions, the Continental Supersports Convertible that Kankkunen used as his weapon of choice was essentially a bone-stock machine. Hit the jump to check out the clip for yourself.

    • Supersports convertible deploying parachute during high speed testing.

    • Bentley Supersports Convertible on the Ice Track

    • Kankunnen and Supersports Convertible building-up speed.

    • Supersports Convertible 4km out from the coast on the Baltic Sea Ice Track.

    • Kankunnen at the start line.

    • Temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius don’t stop the Supersports.

[Source: Bentley via YouTube]

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