UK-based HaloIPT is ready to launch its in-road wireless charging system for electric vehicles (EVs). The company's setup, which works on inductive power transfer discovered back in the 1800s, promises to offer simple on-street charging for any battery-powered vehicles. HaloIPT claims that its system, unlike some others, is tolerant of misalignment by drivers, can deliver a charge across an air gap of up to 15 inches and even has the ability to sense when something as small as a wandering cat interferes with the charging process.

Though implementing such a system would be costly, HaloIPT envisions a future where motorways with embedded wireless charging systems act as range extenders for EVs. Possible, sure, but widespread implementation is pretty far away. Still, HaloIPT's motto – "No plugs, no fuss, just wireless" – leaves us longing for the day when EVs charge while motoring on down the road.

[Source: Autocar]

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