It's no secret that Tesla Motors is working on a new electric version of the Toyota RAV4 with the Japanese automaker, but what's this about a Tesla Model X? That's the name Tesla CEO Elon Musk used for an upcoming SUV model during the formal opening of the company's new factory. Musk told Green Tech Media that Tesla hopes to show a prototype of the SUV/CUV by the end of 2011. After that, of course, comes production the Model S, which is scheduled to start in mid-2012 with a volume of 7,000 in the first year and 20,000 a year after that. Musk said:
I'm hopeful we will unveil a prototype [of the SUV] toward the end of next year. When it will go into production is harder to predict because we want to make sure the Model S production line is really operating very well and smoothly before we introduce another variant. But certainly within two... in less than two years when we start Model S production, we will have the Model X.
We've known Musk likes big electrics since rumors of a Tesla SUV floated around a few years ago, when Musk said he believed a big electric vehicle could really drive sales. There's a shaky video of Musk talking about the Model X after the jump.

[Source: Green Tech Media]

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