In a study conducted by UK used car website, it seems that women are less likely to to perform basic maintenance compared to men.
According to the study, women are far more likely to avoid checking their vehicles' oil level, with 12 percent of survey respondents admitting they never even look at it. This compares to just eight percent of men claiming the same. Additionally, 14 percent of women responded that they never check tire pressure, while only seven percent of men admit they don't, either.

On the positive side, a good portion of women do perform basic car maintenance, including 22 percent claiming they check their tire pressure every month and another 27 percent saying they check their oil with the same frequency. Twenty-one percent of females surveyed even say they check their brake fluid level once a month. However, all those figures are still below the percentages for male respondents. See for yourself after the jump.

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20/10/10 from Autoquake

Female drivers lag behind men when it comes to performing basic car maintenance, according to research by, the UK's largest online used car retailer.

More than one-in-ten female drivers (12%) never check their car's oil level. Just under 8% of men confess to the same neglect. Twice as many women (14%) as men (7%) admit to never checking their tyre pressures while almost one-in-five say they never check the tread-depth.

Women drivers are also more likely than men to pay someone else to carry out basic maintenance for them. Just over 14% of women pay to have coolant levels checked compared with 5% of men. A staggering 9% of women pay someone else to check their washer fluid level. Just 3% of men won't do this simple job for themselves.

Autoquake's CEO, Dermot Halpin, said: "We're surprised to find such differences between the sexes. Pumping up your tyres or checking the oil level doesn't require any special mechanical knowledge or muscle power, yet women drivers in particular are neglecting these basic but important checks.

"Failing to top up the car's oil level could lead to engine failure and a huge repair bill, while not checking your tyres' tread depth could mean your car is unsafe – and illegal." Halpin added.'s survey also revealed differences around the country. Drivers from Northern Ireland take more care of their cars than most. Over 11% check their tyre pressures every week, compared with just 1% of drivers in south east England. A third of Northern Irish drivers check their car's oil level weekly. Again, drivers in the south east are most neglectful, with just 3% carrying out this check every seven days.

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