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Top down or ground up? If you're going to launch an over-the-top design statement, you'd better to both. So, hot on the tails of the Diva edition Rolls-Royce Ghost, Fenice Milano has released a similar treatment for the far more humble Fiat 500C called La Dolce Vita.

Like the Diva, the Dolce Vita is dominated by more gold trim than one might expect to see in an entire Mansory showroom. 24 karat, no less. Fenice has also tweaked the titchy Cinquicento's mechanical bits with an ECU reflash, new intake and exhaust systems and some suspension tweaks, the latter presumably to compensate for the extra weight of all that bling. Inside, the open-air cabin has been redone in teak, gold and leather, with a redesigned dashboard incorporating a rather Mini-like oversized central gauge. Details in the press release after the jump, high-res photos in the gallery below.

[Source: Fenice Milano]
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For the nostalgic of the Italian vintage style of the 60s, the new Fiat 500C represents the modern heir of the internationally renowned Italian automotive industry's symbol.

Born to homage the convertible model of the 500 launched in 1957, the 500C is proposed by Fiat with avant‐garde solutions in the mechanics, power train and comfort on board. But for those who aren't satisfied by the standard versions and want to add exclusivity to the original retro style charm, Fenice Milano presents two new versions whose precious finishing and technical improvements give life to a true jewel of the Made in Italy style and manufacture.

'La Dolce Vita', this is the name of the model by Fenice Milano that used the convertible 1.4 petrol 101 HP automatic version as base of the famous city car. Blinking at the golden age of the Italian cinema and lifestyle, that attracted many international stars and jet‐setters, 'La Dolce Vita' represents the flagship of Fenice Milano's production.

Thanks to its small size (355cm length, 165cm large and 149cm height), this small jewel is ideal for those who want to move comfortably in the city without giving up luxury and exclusivity. Embellished by many inserts in precious materials, like 24K gold, and fine woods like teak entirely manufactured by Fenice Milano artisans, in 'La Dolce Vita' model the ECU upgrade, the suspensions adjustment and the optimization of the exhaust and suction system guarantee better performances and more comfort onboard.

'La Dolce Vita' is available in two colours expressly studied and realized for Fenice Milano that help exalting its uniqueness. The Sportiva version is proposed in a multi‐layer chromium Deep Red, realized by overlapping ten different layers of varnishing that realize the particular semichrome effect. For the fans of a sober and refined style, instead, the Classica version has been created in a white golden pearlescent varnishing. A limited edition whose varnish includes small particles of 24K gold. For both versions the seats, redesigned following ergonomic principles, and the internal elements are in pure leather and in Alcantara Natural colour with handmade exposed seams.

Moreover, in the passenger compartment of 'La Dolce Vita' the console has been entirely redesigned, moving the instrument board in a central position and embellishing it with a golden frame, while the dashboard is in teak with 24K gold inserts whose profiles are hand shaped by the Fenice Milano's artisans. The wheel, redesigned starting from the original one, has the external crown in teak and the internal one in leather with commands in 24K gold, and also in the footboard the original carpeting has been substituted with teak.

The general enhancements of interiors and exteriors include in detail:
• front and rear fender molding in 24K gold
• side pillars in 24K gold
• decorations and logos in 24K gold
• sill mouldings in 24K gold
• headlights in 24K gold and custom rear lights
• exterior mirrors in 24K gold
• door handles in 24K gold
• 17'' custom wheels in 24K gold
• exhaust pipe terminal in 24K gold
• electrical convertible top with gold finishes

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