The Indy Racing League has handed down its punishment in the case of the race winner who was robbed. Following the controversial end of the IndyCar race in Edmonton last week, apparent winner Helio Castroneves drove into the pits, hopped out of his car and went after anyone wearing IRL gear. We showed you the video of the incident (now removed) a few days ago and most of you seemed to think Helio was in the right. He may have had a good reason to be upset, but the IRL stood by its decision after giving it some extra thought.

Now that they've had more than a week to mull things over, they've decided that Helio's reaction was too aggressive to go unpunished. They've slapped the charismatic driver with a $60,000 fine and put him on probation for the rest of the season. The monetary fines always hurt at some level, but it's the principle behind it that matters more here. The IRL is standing up for their decision – and their employees – and saying that if a driver has a problem with a race decision they need to use the proper channels to appeal it.

[Source: The Indianapolis Star]

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