Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 television ad – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Of all the models in Chevrolet's lineup, the one that needs absolutely no introduction is the Corvette. And while most of General Motors' marketing dollars have gone into bettering the ad campaigns for volume models like the Malibu, Equinox and Traverse, it's about time that the Corvette had its own dedicated television spot, if only to remind people that there's still a whole lot of awesomeness happening within GM's walls.

This ad, which apparently debuted during the Major League Baseball All-Star Game earlier this week, shows off the top-rung Corvette ZR1 – the supercharged 'Vette with 638 horsepower under the hood. This car is all the proof we need to show the world that America does, in fact, still build rockets. See for yourself in the video, after the jump.

Photos by Drew Phillips / Copyright ©2010 Weblogs, Inc.
[Source: General Motors via YouTube]

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