Ricardo Teixei crashes at Formula Two Marrakech – Click above to watch the video after the jump

As a rule of thumb, crashes aren't as big a deal when you're on track in a professional race as they would be on public roads. But once in a while, the world of motorsports suffers a crash so spectacular that it eclipses convention.

The latest involved a driver by the name of Ricardo Teixeira. After working his way up through Formula BMW, Formula 3 and GP2, the Portugese-Angolan driver now races in the new Formula Two championship.

This past weekend the series went to Marrakech, Morocco, for a double-header. Teixeira scored a career-best fifth place in the first race, but in the second, he hit the back of another F2 car, sending him airborne. He landed (fortunately) right-side up, only to hit a concrete wall, and was lucky enough to walk away from the shunt relatively unscathed. Follow the jump to watch the footage from rival Paul Rees' car, where you can see Teixeira's car doing an impeccable Superman impression.

[Source: Autosport]

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