2010 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG makes some noise – Click above to hear it after the jump

As some of you may have read, I was pretty smitten with the 2010 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. In case you somehow missed the buttery prose (for shame, for shame!), I described the sound of the big, bad, naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter V8 as, "Angry, guttural, aggravated and very, very masculine. Even at idle, it sounds like it's pissed off and ready to dish out some wrath of God-type violence. Street legal sedans don't sound like this."

But wouldn't it be nice if you could hear what I'm bloviating about? Well friends, today you can!

Thanks to a good buddy of mine named Luis Galdames, we have some high-quality sound files of the E63 AMG tearing stuff (mostly asphalt) up. Aside from recently winning a Golden Reel award for his sound mixing work on the FOX television show House, Luis also recorded all the engine sounds for NBC's short-lived but quite comical Knight Rider remake. In other words, he knows his stuff.

After the jump we have three sound clips for your amusement. The first is of Luis standing behind the car and as I rev the mighty V8 up to around 6,000 rpm before side-stepping the brake pedal and launching. Listen close and at the end you can hear the car downshifting as I get on the brakes. The second clip was my favorite to record. Luis asked I fly by him at 100 mph and shift from third to fourth as I passed. We had to do a few takes for that one. And the third clip perfectly sums up the E63 AMG -- one of the best cars I've ever driven. Make the jump and enjoy.

E63 AMG Accelerating

E63 AMG Drive-by

The Sound of E63 AMG Making Jonny Lieberman Smile

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