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Here at Autoblog, we definitely don't condone drunk driving. But we have to admit it is a bit of a tricky thing. How are you supposed to tell if you're drunk if your judgment is already impaired? Well, one woman clearly could tell that at least someone on the road was drunk, and she gave herself up.

That's right. 49-year-old Granton, Wisconsin resident Mary Strey dialed #911 to report a drunk driver on the road. As it turned out, that drunk driver was her. She was even kind enough to pull over and waited for the police to arrive. All of which is a good thing, because according to The Associated Press, Strey had a blood-alcohol limit that was twice the legal limit. Good thing 9-1-1 is an easy number to remember. Follow the jump to listen to the priceless emergency dispatch recording.

[Source: The Associated Press]

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