Rico Auto Industries in India makes transmission parts for Ford's Flex and Edge, along with its upscale Lincoln MKT and MKX twins. Unfortunately for the Blue Oval, Automotive News is reporting that Rico's operations are in flux because of persistent troubles between labor and management. A few weeks ago, some of the supplier's workers went on strike after members were suspended and fired by management. On October 18, the striking workers marched to the factory and got involved in an altercation with "unidentified men" supposedly "acting at the behest of Rico Auto's management." During the brawl, a 26-year-old worker was killed.

In the meantime, Ford reportedly hasn't got the parts it needs to build the crossovers it makes at its Oakville, Ontario plant and will be forced to idle the key facility next week. Ford is watching the situation in India closely – if production isn't restored soon, the lack of parts could impact other plants in addition to Ontario and its 3,000 workers.

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd. | Image: Simon Hayter/Getty]

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