Bob Lutz prepares for V-Series Challenge - Click above to watch video after the jump

The pieces are now in place for the V-Series Challenge set to take place at the Monticello Motor Club on October 29. Behind the wheel of a Cadillac CTS-V, Bob Lutz will take on the competition in a run-what-you-brung type shoot out against players chosen by GM from the automotive media and general population. The video after the jump shows Lutz already on site practicing his lines on Monticello's 22-turn track (we're not sure yet what track configuration will be used). Maximum Bob will clearly have an advantage in terms of knowing the track, though General Motors is also bringing along ace pilot and former GMer John Heinricy in case the competition comes with some pro-am or above drivers.

Sounds like a good time, though we've heard through the grapevine that despite receiving around 120 applicants, the five vehicles chosen by GM to take on the CTS-V don't stand much of a chance. One we do know that will be present is a Jaguar XFR piloted by Wes Siler from Jalopnik.

We also asked Porsche about this whole business, since it would seem that the Panamera Turbo has one of the best shots at beating a CTS-V. Unless an actual owner was chosen by GM to be a challenger, however, there won't be a Panamera Turbo present. Porsche told us that they weren't approving any loans of the Panamera Turbo to the media for this event, and we've heard rumblings of the same sort from Mercedes-Benz concerning its AMG-fortified hardware.

We can't blame them. This is a GM event and the deck is stacked in their favor. Letting an auto journalist represent your brand in this super sedan pissing contest seems like a lose-lose proposition for any automaker in its right mind. Jaguar apparently disagrees, but we'll see what happens come October 29.

UPDATE: GM got in touch with us to clarify that the video footage was shot at the company's Milford Proving Grounds, and that Lutz has never raced at Monticello before.

[Source: GM]

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