VIDEO: Japanese market Gran Turismo PSP commercial is fantastic and revolting

Gran Turismo PSP Commercial - Click above to watch the video after the break

Don't worry, this video is totally safe for work. But we're saying revolting because we can remember back years ago we watched Clint Eastwood's Pink Cadillac with a friend's father who happened to restore muscle cars for a living. Anywho, as you might imagine the 1959 Cadillac gets pretty dinged up throughout the course of the film – fairly often, too. As such, my pal's dad was not only cringing at every dent, scrape and rumpled piece of metal, but actively screaming at the TV. Mostly stuff like this, "What not-nice-people! Why would they do such horrible things to such a wonderful, historic car?!?" More or less.

Now, we're not prudes. We like the destruction of cars. From the Jeremy Clarkson style (kill bad cars!) and the Ca$h For Clunker$ style (Kill ALL cars – hey, creative destruction is a valid economic theory) to 24 Hours of LeMons style (let's race dead cars! Er, kill that one car!). There's just something wonderful about smoking engines, twisted sheet metal and precious fluids spilled all over tarmac -- no matter what the car. That said, the video you're about to watch, well, it's a little hard to stomach. So, let's just call it mildly revolting. Also, we're supposed to mention something about damage rendering, or the lack there of, but, uh... Ready? Jump!

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