Real man driving a stick - click above image to watch the video

Yes yes, we're well aware this post will result in screaming matches in the comments between adherents of three pedals and those of you that can't drive stick. Regardless, our pal Justin Kaehler wrote a pretty funny article for Ask Men explaining just why it is that men specifically need to row their own. Here's the first bit of the first reason given, just to give you a taste:
There's a reason we have to suffer the unfunny jokes about how men don't like to relinquish the TV remote: men do enjoy being in control. It goes without saying that most men would rather be the boss than the subordinate. A car with a manual transmission lets the driver be the boss of the car; throttle response will always be immediate, intuitive and easily controlled.
To that we say: exactly right. There are nine more reasons given and you can pretty much read between the lines and guess the number one reason. Pop on over and have a look. We're also including a pretty noisy video of a man making a woman squeal. Save a few expletives, totally safe for work, after the jump.


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