The long story done shortly, according to a study of 1,000 people, 97% will never forget their first car and 90% rate it as more memorable than their first kiss. As the study was done in the UK, take it with a grain of salt as their first car had three wheels and their first kiss (probably) involved a ruler wielding school mistress. That said, we're pretty foggy on the name of the first girl we kissed – though we do remember describing it as "like licking jello." But we could never forget our first car, a brown on brown 1985 Pontiac Parisienne Safari. That's right – Pontiac's naming conventions had gotten so goofy that the station wagon variant of the Parisienne was called the Safari.

The study also suggests that over two-thirds of the respondents had names for their first cars. Ours: The Lieberwagon. As in, "Going draggin' in the Lieberwagon." Which was a joke because I was slower than the car. How about you and your first (four-wheeled) love? Pet names, too. Full press release after the jump.

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FALLING 'HEAD OVER WHEELS' IN LOVE Survey Reveals Car is More Memorable Than First Kiss

Date: 4th August 2009

Its official - our hearts really do rule our heads when it comes to our earliest motoring experience, according to a new survey by leading used car buying website,, which has revealed over 97 percent of us will never forget our first car with 90 percent rating it more memorable than their first love or first kiss.

Over 1,000 people responded to the survey which polled drivers on memories of their first car. The survey revealed over two thirds of us had pet names for our cars, with men preferring human names while women prefer the more abstract, such as 'Sir Steering Wheel', 'Yellow Pig', 'Black Beauty' and 'Godsend' which all featured on the hit list.

"Our first car is a rite of passage – a giant step into adulthood and symbol of independence," said Katie Armitage, Marketing Manager at "It's our first motoring love and one we rarely forget. It's a seemingly unconditional love and, providing the car receives some TLC (eg servicing, tyres check etc), a love that should last for years!"

The survey also revealed price is the biggest factor in selecting our first car with 52 percent of votes, with the average car costing less than £1,000. However, they say love is blind and worryingly over 75 percent or first car buyers did not check the history of the car, leaving them vulnerable to fraudsters or unable to ensure it wasn't stolen or a previous insurance write-off.

Earlier this year,, in partnership with The Metropolitan Police and consumer motoring champion Quentin Willson, launched the Real or Rogue safe car buying guide designed to provide all the information needed to avoid the lemons, including how to check mileage and VIN, and how to by-pass log book confusion.

Katie continues: "The purchase of a first car is usually value driven and our first chance to dip our toe in the car-buying pool. As such we find buyers are simply unaware of the dangers of potentially buying a stolen, or unsafe car, or how to carry out the essential checks to avoid dodgy purchases.

"There are some fantastic bargains to be had from legitimate sellers but if a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is, and taking silly risks could cost thousands or even your life."

For a free copy of the Real or Rogue car-buying guide, please visit

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