VIDEO: Norton Commando Transformer is more than meets the eye

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We didn't much care for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen when we went out and saw it on opening night, but we're still smitten by the concept of robots that transform into all manner of vehicular machinery. In Michael Bay's new flick, motorcycles may have taken a more prominent role than in the past, but we prefer the classic Norton Commando in the short clip after the break to the two-wheeled robotic movie machines.

Composed and rendered by Steve Twist, a student from Bournemouth University gunning for his undergraduate degree in Computer Visualisation and Animation, this eight-month project looks to be time well spent to our eyes. Better still, in our heads, this is exactly what an old Norton motorcycle would sound like if it could talk.

Perhaps Twist can get in touch with Bay to instill at least a modicum of realism for the inevitable Transformers 3? Nah, probably not. Click past the break to watch the video.

[Source: Motorcycle News]


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