At first blush, the city of Birmingham's decision to pull out of its official relationship with the Woodward Dream Cruise doesn't strike us as a big deal. After all, 40,000 or so classic cars are expected to descend on the historic Woodward Avenue just south of the Motor City whether Birmingham has representation on the Dream Cruise's Board of Directors or not. Officials representing the Cruise, though, don't quite agree with this assessment.
The Detroit News reports that Dream Cruise board President Greg Rasse sent a not-so-friendly letter to Birmingham City Manager Tom Markus requesting that the city cease-and-desist using Woodward Dream Cruise logos and event name when promoting its own event, which is scheduled to run concurrently with the official Dream Cruise. Not terribly surprising, given that Birmingham's departure from the Dream Cruise Board means that the city is not paying the Board or its Executive Director any money.

No matter what happens, the show must go on, as they say, and we'll be there as always this August with digital SLRs in tow and live streaming video of all the action. We don't imagine that many of those attending the Cruise in 2009 will notice the difference, and we hope the organizers and the locales involved can get along well enough not to ruin an enjoyable event.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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