Is General Motors about to get an additional $5 billlion from the Feds? Will Chrysler be getting another $500 million? The Detroit News seems to think so. Citing Obama Administration sources and a leaked 250-page government report, they say that those figures are accurate. The money will reportedly come in the form of short-term aid via the $700B Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). One group we know won't be taking any additional TARP money is Chrysler Financial, allegedly refusing an additional $750M over restrictions on executive compensation included in the agreement.

Reading through the report a bit, The Detroit News also discovered some additional figures. The report says that the Treasury Department has already spent $24.8B on the automotive portion of their program (out of $25B allotted). Of that amount, $13.4B has gone to GM, $4B to Chrysler, almost $6B to GMAC and $1.5B to Chrysler Financial. An additional $1.25B will be used to pay for that warranty guarantee program designed to back the warranties of GM and Chrysler vehicles should either company go under.

There has been no confirmation from Washington yet, but you can bet we'll report it when it becomes official.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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