Ford's design language can be largely distilled to three words: "let it ride." 2005's Iosis Concept created the template for kinetic design, and ever since then Ford has cashed in a number of winning bets on that language. Next up is the 2010 Ford Focus, based on the Iosis Max concept, and all of the speculation so far hints at a fine-looking, capable performer.
Powering the Focus will be a range of EcoBoost engines ranging from an 89 hp 1.0-liter to a 1.6-liter with 197 hp. Look for the Europeans to also get a diesel lineup that that tops out with a 197-horsepower 2.0-liter oil-burner. The available powerplants are expected to be mated with either a manual transmission or a Powershift twin-clutch setup.

The car's handling and refinement will be improved, and options are are expected to include a panoramic glass roof, Ford's Human Machine Interface, and a reversing camera. The next Ford Focus is expected to go on sale later this year in China, then in the U.S. shortly thereafter along with the C-Max compact people mover.

[Source: Auto Express]

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