Zagato Maserati GS at Villa d'Este 2007 - Click above for a high-res gallery

In our next life, we hope we don't come back as a concept car. The show-bound vehicles get rushed through development, fussed over, shipped off to some exposition hall to be scrutinized by people like us, then all but completely forgotten. It's a rough existence. But every dog has his day, and for some of the world's most beautiful show cars, that day comes at Villa d'Este.

The annual concours d'elegance is held on the shores of picturesque Lake Como in northern Italy, out on the green lawns under the Mediterranean sun. Now that's more like it. Every year some of the most beautiful concept cars make it to Villa d'Este for a well-deserved vacation, and this year will include such show-stoppers as the Infiniti Essence, Aston Martin One-77 and Rinspeed iChange which we saw in Geneva, along with others like the Fisker Karma S and BMW GINA Light design study. But some years, automakers and design houses use the occasion to unveil something altogether new, and this year Stile Bertone, Zagato Milano and Morgan are expected to show new concepts at the concours.

The Bertone show car is expected to be an evolution of the BAT 11 that was (almost) debuted at the Geneva show a couple of years back. Zagato's is unknown, but is tipped to be a development on the gorgeous Perana Z-One from Geneva. Meanwhile Morgan, now celebrating its centenary, is tipped to unveil a new lightweight sportscar concept based on the Aeromax that could see production if the reception is warm enough. Lake Como in the spring should do it.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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