General Motors has been trying to unload its Hummer division for nearly a year now. Despite assertions late last year indicating that it hoped to have the troubled brand off its books for good before 2009 rolled around, we are now nearing the end of the first quarter of '09 and Hummer is still wholly owned by GM.

According to a new report by the Associated Press, tomorrow is the day that we'll finally find out what the future holds for Hummer and its 160 or so dealers across the United States. We've heard all along that there are multiple parties interested in the brand, and that's apparently still the case.

A GM spokesperson has said that companies from "all different parts of the world" are in the mix to purchase Hummer and the automaker is "cautiously optimistic" that a sale will be made. If a decision to sell Hummer isn't made by tomorrow, it sounds like the brand will likely be abandoned to die a quiet death. Thanks for the tip, Avinash!

Automotive News is reporting that the decision has been postponed "a few weeks" to assess bidders for the brand and possibly complete a sale.

[Source: The Associated Press (via Google)]

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