In the last couple of years, Zap has become better known for questionable financial dealings and breathless press releases than actual products. Hopefully, what we have here is a sign of something better. After seeing numerous computer renderings of this spacey looking electric trike, followed by a development chassis and a styling mockup, this might be the real thing. Zap brought what is claimed to be a prototype of their Alias three-wheeler to the National Automobile Dealers Convention in New Orleans over the weekend and shot some video of it on the move. We showed a clip of it moving in a warehouse the other day and now there is a second clip of it out in the open. It's not clear if this is a fully functional unit or simply a styling buck with a golf cart motor like most concepts. Regardless, it's at least tangible proof of life for the Alias. Now if Zap would just let us drive it we might be able to build some real confidence. Thanks to Mckinzie for the tip!

[Source: YouTube]

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