Click above for a high-res image of Santa Claus' Bentley Continental GTC

Thanks to CAR and a few masters of vehicular design, Santa is bringing some serious automotive enthusiast cheer. The glossy euro mag asked designers from Ford, Bentley, Nissan and Rolls-Royce to design some sleighs for Santa, and while a few of them look to be from the land of misfit toys -- and one of them looks like Santa's Death Star -- it's a fabulously cool exercise. Nissan's intergalactic sleigh is pulled by a GT-R, Bentley's got a W12-powered sled, Ford's got some popout snowboard action happening, and the Rolls sleigh looks, of course, like Santa should have a snifter of Louis XIV in one delicately gloved hand while an elf named Jeeves tends the Smythson leather reins. Check them all out here.

[Source: CAR]

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