General Motors has an early New Years Resolution: to be more fiscally responsible when it comes to corporate travel. With six short, direct sentences (see official press release after the jump), GM has declared that its Corporate Aviation Operations are to be shuttered. It might not seem like a big deal on the surface, but there are apparently numerous contractual agreements that need to be reworked to make this a reality. First, the jets themselves need to be returned, sold or transferred to another operator. Next, after January 1st when The General pulls out, the leased facility and grounds at Detroit Metro Airport will be emptied and GM will work with airport officials to find another tenant.

Although GM suggests that the termination of its Aviation Operations is because its travel volume no longer requires its own dedicated corporate service, we're pretty sure that the ribbing Wagoner and his peers took at the hands of Congress over private jet flight had plenty to do with the decision. Expect the announcement to be part of GM's Congress-bound business plan when it's officially announced this week.

[Source: GM]


GM Ceasing Corporate Aviation Operations

DETROIT -- GM today announced that it is ceasing operations at General Motors Air Transportation Services (GMATS) at Detroit Metro Airport.

Due to significant cutbacks over the past months, GM travel volume no longer justifies a dedicated corporate aircraft operation.

GM is currently exploring options for transferring its aircraft to another operator. The company is pursuing sale of four of the aircraft so it can terminate the leases.

GM will shutter the facility at Metro Airport effective January 1, 2009. GM will work with the airport to seek a tenant for the balance of the lease, which expires in 2009.

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