The Nissan GT-R has a relationship with the famed Nurburgring in Germany like no other modern car. It has brought the track back into the headlines by taking out much more expensive hardware with a blistering, though unofficial, lap time of 7 minutes, 29 seconds. That number has since been eclipsed by the Corvette ZR1 and Dodge Viper ACR, but remains ahead of the GT2 despite Porsche's accusation that Nissan ran a less-than-stock GT-R. Well, the GT-R in Japan is getting some upgrades for 2010, and Nissan is reportedly headed back to the 'Ring to see what it'll do. The changes include a slight increase in power to 485 PS, or about a 5-horsepower bump, as well as a new compound Dunlop tire and suspension tweaks. Other mods include a larger fuel tank and some very minor cosmetic changes that won't make a damn bit of a difference on the track. Will the GT-R be able to best its 7:29 lap time? We're guessing they wouldn't bother to make the trip if they weren't certain there were at least a couple of tenths to shave off. Thanks for the tip, Sean!


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