There's likely to be no shortage of VW Beetle owners who can relate to this new kit from Lego. It's a box with 1,626 parts in it that one day, after hours of work, will resemble a classic Bug. Three differences: This box of bits will only cost you $120 and a successful build is probably not above your skill level. Oh, and your spouse probably won't mind you building this one on the kitchen table.

When completed, the VW measures 16 inches long by 6.5 inches tall. Its tiny stick shift moves, the glove compartment opens and the seats fold forward. The engine is in back where Beetle engines belong and up front is the spare tire. When you're done, finish off the car with the included VW logo decal.

It's too bad the Beetle's curvaceous roofline and nose are made jagged by the blocky Logos, but on the other hand, it's kinda cool, too. Thanks for the tip, Andy!

[Source: Auto Trader Blog]

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